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525 Harris St

BLOODLESS is a streetwear label that gives rebels a cause. Every month we release a limited edition collection connected to someone fighting for change in one of the poorest places on the planet.


Meet Portia.

South Africa's Queen Bee.

This here is our new pal Portia Morudi, the founder of Iliju Honey. Don't be fooled by that sweet smile — this golden girl is a straight up hustle and bustle, 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' social entrepreneur. She's even got a little buzz from Branson. So we're heaps stoked that she's our current Spark* Changemaker partner. Bow down.

Portia grew up in Winterveld, one of South Africa's poorest country towns. She has some crazy memories of her childhood home, in particular the image of her ceilings caving in from the weight of honey (imagine that, a domestic syrup invasion). That was because her community used to think of bees as pests. So, back then, they wouldn't even touch the golden stuff.

These days, however, Portia's hometown is beginning to see a sort of sugary agricultural revolution. Ever since she started making and selling Iliju Honey with just ten hives, Portia has been able to;

  • Provide brand new jobs to the people of Winterveld (so they don't have to move to the city to find work);
  • Support local farmers (because her bees pollinate their crops and fruit - leading to bigger yields); and
  • Fight the beepocalypse (because, if you didn't know, all the bees are dying and we don't know why).

That's pretty sweet, hey.

We're big fans of Portia and Iliju Honey (soon to be renamed 'Made With Rural'). So for every 'OH, Honey' tee sold, we're going to donate $20 to help her revitalise rural South African agriculture. Why? Because we believe in local solutions to local problems. And here's why you should too.

Stay golden, kids.


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