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525 Harris St

BLOODLESS is a streetwear label that gives rebels a cause. Every month we release a limited edition collection connected to someone fighting for change in one of the poorest places on the planet.

Past Collections

Kick Ass

Profits from our street-fighter-inspired Kick Ass collection went to support Eliot Chisango - the hero behind the South African initiative Donkeys for Development. 

Eliot was inspired to launch Donkeys for Development when he discovered that (1) half his township is unemployed while (2) two in three households do not have access to garbage disposal services. His solution was elegant and ingenious - lend locals a donkey cart to pick up the trash, upcycle it and generate their own income.

We were lucky enough to help Eliot build his third donkey cart, employing a new team of nine waste collectors in Senwabarwanna, South Africa.

Make Lemonade

Profits from the citrus-fuelled Make Lemonade collection went to support Charles Irai - the magnificent man behind our first partner project. 

In Charles' hometown (Six Mile, Papua New Guinea) 3 out of 5 kids were dropping out of high school. Many young men were getting sucked into crime, drugs and alcohol while young women were frequently forced into prostitution, early marriage and teenage pregnancy.

We had the opportunity to help Charles launch One Step Closer – a sort of 'street business school' birthed out of his belief that inspiring local youths with entrepreneurial projects will change the course of their future.