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525 Harris St

BLOODLESS is a streetwear label that gives rebels a cause. Every month we release a limited edition collection connected to someone fighting for change in one of the poorest places on the planet.

Revolting Tee


Where Bloodless is bought and sold.

Revolting Tee

BloodlessPerk 3.3mb.jpg
BloodlessPerk 3.3mb.jpg

Revolting Tee


This tee is for the filthy ratbags who call the urban jungle their home. It is a symbol of your allegiance to the streets, of your kinship with all who thrive amidst the concrete. Also suited to pleasant suburban types who do brunch.

This is a 'supporter tee' which we really dig. A website exclusive to help us get things moving/get you ratted out. Long live the Bloodless revolt.

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